Seriousness and contentedness is our pillar...

  • 25 years of experience in the real estate market
  • the seriousness and contentedness of our clients comes first
  • we solve debts, executions, liens, auctions, bankruptcies, personal bankruptcies
  • possibility of purchase, sale and realisation within 24 hours from the first meeting

Offer of real estates and auctions


Pripravovaná dražba rodinného domu v obci Hraň (Trebišov)
Category: Houses and villas, 100 m²
Locality: Letná 312, Hraň
The lowest bid: 0,00 €
Pripravovaná dražba rodinného domu v Hrabkove (Prešov)
Category: Houses and villas, 2011 m²
Locality: Hrabkov
The lowest bid: 0,00 €
Dražba rodinného domu v obci Veľké Zlievce.
Category: Houses and villas, 97 m²
Locality: Veľké Zlievce
The lowest bid: 18 200,00 €

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Predám 2 izb byt BA- Staré Mesto, Gajová ul.
Category: Flats, 53 m²
Locality: Gajova 5, Bratislava-Staré Mesto
Price: 250 000,00 €

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